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Public Speaking Training

“Speaking confidently with/in front of others can open doors you may not yet even know exist!”


Open Dawes Training public speaking courses & presentation skills training

You are not alone when you get those feelings at the thought of speaking or presenting in front of others, to the media, or even in meetings. But have you ever considered just how much you are limiting your potential by staying quiet, or undermining how good it could be if you focus on the delivery rather than the nerves?

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Don’t just avoid missing opportunities, but also open doors to much more potential; and enjoy the opportunity instead of being paralysed by the necessity!

– Public Speaking
– Presentation Skills
– Communication Skills
– Executive Communications Skills
– Meeting/Group Communication Skills
– Media Training (sports and professional)
– Sports Communication (e.g. with sponsors (or potential sponsors), fans, teams, etc.)
– Marketing Video Presenting Assistance
– Mentoring Programs, etc.

These are provided either one-to-one, publicly available group courses on set dates and set locations, or contracts to provide the service for organisations internally (as a one off, or structured sequence of days/sessions).

We are very proud to have added our experiences, passion, beliefs, and skills to what Open Dawes Training will be able to offer to empower others to achieve even more!

Public Speaking enables you to:

– Inform people
– Motivate people
– Win over/persuade people

Our courses are created from a unique mix of expertise in business, social, and media presenting/speaking, rather than just one or the other. This gives us the edge to help you have the edge – no matter what your requirement or motivation.

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*think of the physical feelings you get when you are really nervous about something… ¬†Now think of the physical feelings you get when you are really excited! ¬†Exactly the same, but you choose how to interpret them…


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