Chris Dawes Commentating

Below are a few examples of Chris Dawes commentating.  These examples either went out on TV, or worldwide feeds on the internet (both live and voice over commentary), and obviously doesn’t include the commentary live at circuits.  Chris can be heard commentating virtually every weekend somewhere in Europe, and ranges from youngsters in Karts, to amateur club racers, to professional racers in single seaters  and GT cars.  Visit commentating schedule to see examples of events that have been covered, and follow to keep up with commentating exploits.

To discuss Chris Dawes commentating on your live event or recorded footage, please contact Chris at

Chris Dawes Show Reel

Chris Dawes Presenting

Below are a few examples of Chris Dawes presenting on TV and live internet feeds.  These examples either went out on Motors TV, or worldwide feeds on the internet.  Chris is hoping to present more; not just on motorsport, but other examples as well.  The sample below include program hosting, interviews, roving reporter, and chat show styles.

Chris Dawes Voice Over

Below are a few examples of Chris Dawes doing Voice Over work, as well as his general Voice Reel.  These are constantly being added to, and if you have some voice over work that you would like to see if Chris would be suitable for, please contact to discuss or provide the remit.

Chris Dawes Comms Ltd has a studio set up in the office, using a Rode NT1A microphone, Scarlett 2i2 Pre-Amp, microphone shield behind, and high density foam on the wall behind, to ensure a crisp sound quality with reverb eliminated.

Chris’s voice over style has been describe by employers and coaches as:

  • Friendly
  • Sports Guy
  • Energetic
  • “Outdoorsy” men
  • Action
  • Deep
  • Dad (“sweater Dad, not posh Dad”)
  • Guy Next Door
  • Character
  • RP Accent
  • Announcer/Commentator

Examples of immediately suitable types of Voice Over apparently include (but not limited to):

  • Sports adverts
  • Energy drinks
  • Military (adverts, video games, radio plays or cartoons)
  • Sports video games
  • Family
  • and many more…

Mixed Audiobook Voice Reel

by Chris Dawes | Mixed Audiobook Voice Reel

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