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As a result of Chris Dawes’s voice being heard constantly doing his commentating or hosting work, he was approached to provide voice over work for a number of requirements.  Due to time constraints when all of this was in addition to a full time job, this side was only ever work that came to him, rather than pro-actively looking for and auditioning for voice over work.  Now that Chris has moved away from that demanding full time job and set up Chris Dawes Comms Ltd full time, Voice Over work is something he is intending to actively pursue now.  This has and can include commentary voice over, narration to pieces, adverts, training videos, health & safety videos, public announcements; and so the list goes on.


Whilst his style is not necessarily about being characters (yet), he is able to understand the targeted audience and message, and therefore the required tone and style. Whether this be serious and professional, humorous/whimsical, or excited and energetic; Chris is able to work with the client to establish and provide the piece in a suitable manner, and within the necessary time scales.  Chris Dawes Comms Ltd has facilities to enable Voice Over pieces to be recorded and provided electronically, thus removing the need for geography to impact the contract, but is also able to travel should it be required or more suitable.


“I really enjoy voice over work, because there is a lot more to it than I naively thought when I first started doing some of this work.  The scope of work will not just include the script, but a description of who the target audience is, and what the message is that is trying to be portrayed or emphasised.  It therefore makes it feel rather more artistic than simply reading a script, and you have to dig deep to get it over in the manner that does the finished piece the justice that it deserves.”


Chris Dawes Comms Ltd can provide individual Voice Over pieces, or retainer contracts for multiple pieces as and when required.


To discuss the potential of Chris Dawes providing a sample Voice Over for your project, please contact on enquiries@chrisdawescomms.co.uk, 01793 238259, or in writing to Chris Dawes Comms (Trading name of Open Dawes Training Ltd), Nexus Business Centre, 6 Darby Close, Groundwell Industrial Estate, Swindon, Wiltshire, UK, SN2 2PN

"Having collaborated with Chris on a number of commercial briefs, I can confirm his upbeat enthusiasm for every challenge we put his way. His total professionalism to deliver nothing but the very best content in the voiceover arena makes him an absolute pleasure to work with."

Steven Jensen

Co-Founder, TomandSteve.co.uk

Chris Dawes – Voice Over Artist

Below are a few examples of Chris Dawes doing Voice Over work, as well as his general Voice Reel.  These are constantly being added to, and if you have some voice over work that you would like to see if Chris would be suitable for, please contact chris@chrisdawescomms.co.uk to discuss or provide the remit.

Chris Dawes Comms Ltd has a studio set up in the office, using a Rode NT1A microphone, Scarlett 2i2 Pre-Amp, microphone shield behind, and high density foam on the wall behind, to ensure a crisp sound quality with reverb eliminated.

Chris’s voice over style has been describe by employers and coaches as:

  • Friendly
  • Sports Guy
  • Energetic
  • “Outdoorsy” men
  • Action
  • Deep
  • Dad (“sweater Dad, not posh Dad”)
  • Guy Next Door
  • Character
  • Neutral Accent
  • Announcer/Commentator

Examples of immediately suitable types of Voice Over apparently include (but not limited to):

  • Sports adverts
  • Energy drinks
  • Military (adverts, video games, radio plays or cartoons)
  • Sports video games
  • Family
  • Children’s Stories Audiobook
  • Adult Stories Audiobook
  • and many more…

Mixed Audiobook Voice Reel

by Chris Dawes | Mixed Audiobook Voice Reel

I Love Working With Creative Minds

If you are interested in working together, please do send me an enquiry and I will get back to you as soon as I can

Email: chris@chrisdawescomms.co.uk, or Phone: 01793 238259